Biscay Wimberway Parchment, #@ACE.
SHR TTF Silversnipe Mississippi Redman WC WCI JH, *ACE. (fox red) FTW Silversnipe Jester Eng FTCh Endacott Shelf
Eng FTCh Glenbriar Solo
Silversnipe Ellie FTW Endacott Spindle
Eng FTCh Follyoakwood Boris
Duck Sloughs Little Miss Ginger, Ace's Dark Diablo of Myreton Eng & Ir FTCh Myreton Diablo of Glenloch
Islandmore Miss of Maighmor
Duck Sloughs Little Miss Sis UKC HRCh Otter Slough's Bronze Gander
Dixie Bells Queen of Carney

GCh Biscay Faveur De La Vie, *#!, CGN,RA,WCI,JH,CD, Bh RATI, RATS, (black)
Banbury Vincent *#!ACE, Am Ch Puckett's Andre at Dickendall, *#!A, Am Ch Dickdendall Arnold
Puckett's Bunnie of Rosehill
Banbury's After While Crocodile NL Ch Trendamaker's Tycoon
Banbury See You Later Alligator
Ch Biscay Bien La Vie En Rose CDX CGN. Ch Wimberway's R'Blackjack, *#, CD WC JH VC,(black)) Ch Wimberway's Man In Motion, *#, CD WC VC,
Ch Wimberway's Golden Gleam, *#, CD.
Ch Balise Lumineuse CDX WC. (yellow) Ch Windanna's Peejay Pembina
Ch Biscay Tempete El Glacon Noir CDX, WC, CGN.

* = hips x-rayed and certified clear of Hip Dysplasia (HD).
# = eyes examined and cleared of congenital eye defcts.
! = elbows x-rayed and certified clear of Elbow Dysplasia, (ED).
@ = heart checked and cleared of congenital defects.
A = DNA cleared by Optigen for PRA
C = DNA cleared for Centronuclear Myopathy
E = DNA cleared for Exercise Induced Collapse.

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