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Updated Aug 24/13
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National Master Hunt titles are awarded to any dog that completes the National Master Hunt Tests, held annually in Canada.
Entry is limited to dogs who pre-qualify by earning several MH legs.
Shown alphabetically by dog's name, with the year following.

  • 2005 - The first NMH was held inOntario, hosted by the Horseshoe Retriever Club. 28 starters
  • 2007 - Held at Brighton, Ontario. 24 starters.
  • 2008 - Held at Saskatoon, Sask. 39 starters.
  • 2009 - P.E.I. 27 starters.
  • 2010 - Brandon, Manitoba.41 starters.
  • 2011 - Chemainus, BC. 27 starters,
  • 2012 - Brighton, Ont.
  • 2013 - Cap Tourmente, PQ. 35 starters.

    GMH Appoquinimink Cappuchino Glace, LF, Danny Lemay, 2013.
    Autumn's Midnight Legacy, Chuck and Jean Fowler, 2011.
    GMH Bailey's Misty Lake WCX, LF,Trent Sproule, 2007, 2008,
    GMH Bevychevy's Jade's Pack'n Heat, John Chevalier, 2012.
    Blackwatch Leiftur MH, M, Fred Benjaminson, 2009
    Blackbird's Blu Moon Shy-nee, John and Karen Blackbird, 2010
    Bluenorth Arctic Tundra, BLF, Chris Bayles, 2012
    GMH Bluenorth Mesomikenda Bow Ryder, BLM, Maurice Trepanier,2012
    Boogie Dancer MH, LM, Rejean Tremblay, 2012
    GMH Boston Creek's Chase CD,WCX, Bruce Kelly, 2007
    Candlewood's High Mileage Hope, BLF, Marty Kress, 2008, 2009, 2012.
    Cedarbrae's Kona Gold MH, YLF, Tracey Giffin, 2010,
    FTCh,AFTCh,GMH Club Meads Autumn Breeze, CDX, YLF, Sue Taylor. 2008.
    Club Mead's Thundering Thor MH, YLM, Doug Hildebrand, 2008.
    Cognac MH,WCX, Gaston Lamothe, 2012.
    Dandesg Miss Laaurell Fiji MH, 2012
    Darkside Cruiser Pintail MH,CD,WCX,LM,Rob Jones. 2005.
    FTCh GMH Dudley Do Right XXX11,CD,WCX. BLM, Shirley Greener, 2005, 2007, 2008.
    Eddystone Take A Gander MH,Tim Marshall, 2007.
    Elmingo's Pacific Eider WCX,MH, John Hatfield, 2011.
    Fantastique Quick MH, LM, Denis Fortin, 2012, 2013.
    GMH Gracefield Kramer of Cavanhill, BLM, John Chevalier, 2005, 2007.
    GMH Heads Up Lightning Strikes WCX, BLM, Al Davidson, 2013
    High Mileage Cool and Groovy MH, LM, Dave and Marty Kress, 2012.
    High Mileage Copacetic Kid, Marty Kress, 2013.
    High Mileage Firestorm, MH, CLF, Martha Kress., 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010.
    High Mileage Hill Top's Hustle, MH, LM, Martha Kress, 2005, 2008, 2009.
    High Mileage's Jb's Believer MH, BLF,Marty Kress, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013.
    OTCh High Voltage Dawnlit Fen WCX,MH, LF, Louise Thorpe, 2013.
    GMH Jerryru's Blazing Nitro, LM, David Robb, 2005.
    GMH Kandy des Peupliers, LF, Claude Beaudry, 2012, 2013.
    Maralan's Man In Black MH, BLM,Debby & Ian Montgomerey, 2011.
    Misty Marsh's Minnesota Maggie, WCI,MH, LF, Trent Sproule, 2008
    GMH Mjolnir's That'll Be The Day CD, F, Shirley Greener, 2010, 2012.
    Mossy's Dangling Participles MH, LF, Red Wilkinson, 2008, 2009.
    Mossy River's Darn Deadlines MH, Red Wilkinson, 2009.
    Obsidian If Dogs Run Free, Katie and Robert Means, 2011.
    Pekisko's Stormy River Raine,MH, LM, Chris Laush, 2005.
    Prairiestorm Hawk CDX,WCX,MH, BLM, Ross Campbell, 2008, 2010.
    Quinebaugs Sweet Glen Gordon MH, LM, Jim Pickunka, 2013.
    Ravensridge High Flyer, Barbara Strauss, 2011.
    GMH Riverblanche Kovy WCX, LM, Claude Beaudry, 2012, 2013.
    Riverblanche Rueben MH,2012.
    GMH Riverblanche Toby Kitt, Alain Jette, 2009
    Riveroak Kosvatur MH,WCI, Fred Benjaminson, 2010
    Saskquill's Black Jackson WCX, BLM, Jeff Morari, 2010, 2011.
    Saskquill's Prairie Thundser MH, BLM, Doug Hildebrand, 2008, 2010.
    Scaupgetter Super Kate, MH, LF, Pearl McGinn, 2009
    GMH See The Difference of Memphre, WCX, 2012
    Shortfind Clyde of Gahonk MH, LM, Eloi Levasseur, 2009.
    Taylorlabs Sugar and Spice MH, YLF, Sue Taylor, 2010.
    FTCh,AFTCh Taylorlabs True Blue MH, BLM, Garry Taylor, 2008, 2010.
    Three Sisters Dynamite Duchess, Don & Anne West, 2011.
    MOTCh Wimberway's Evening Sky MH,WCX,RE,BLF, Dale Canning, 2013.
    GMH Yeller Yellow Bear, Daniel Desgagne, 2009, 2012.


    GMH NMH Boston Creek's Chase, CD-WCX-MH, 2007 .
    GMH,Ch Cedarbrae's Esoteric Dream CD,WCX
    GMH,NMH,FTCh,AFTCh Clubmead's Autuimn Breeze CDX,WCX
    FTCh,GMH, NMH Dudley Do Right XXXll,WCX-CDX-MH, BM, 2007,
    GMH Dykeland's Buck Naked, WCI-MH, BM, 2007
    GMH Glenhaven's End of the Buck, JH. 2010
    GMH Laika de Mereloie, MH.
    GMH NMH Lake Baileys Misty, WCX-MH, 2007 .
    GMH,FTCh,AFTCh Ogden Quik Nashka, WCX-JH. 2010.
    GMH Riverblanche Sleeman, WCX-MH,
    Ch,MOTCh,GHM Ye Olde Chimney Sweep of Twigs WCX,
    GMH Yorkton's Lucky Lady, CD-WCX,


    All dogs with GMH titles above, and:
    FTCh,AFTCh Abaco's Espirit Goombay Smash MH, BM,
    Applebriar Maverick, CD-WCX-MH, 2000.
    Ch Bigsky's Sun Wrinkle, CDX-WCX-MH, YF, 2006.
    Bluegoose's Just Call Me Mister, MH, BM,
    Bluegoose's Star Flower, WCX-MH
    Bluenorth's Saved by the Bell, MH
    NMH Cedarbrae's Kona Gold WCI, MH, 2010.
    Ch Cedarbrae's Triple H, MH-WCX-CD, BF,
    Classy Sassy of Tantramar MH,
    Counterpoint's Wind It Up, MH, BF,
    Creek Robbers Flying Nun, MH,
    FTCh,AFTCh Dakota's Quickdraw MH, YM,
    FTCh Diamondbrooks VL Earl, MH,
    Dixie Gypsy North Star, WCX-MH, 2000.
    Doggone's Blind Ambitions, MH
    Duk Dawg's Hannah Joy MH, QFTR.,BF
    Go Ma Belle Amie MH, 2010.
    Grousebrook's Cody's Image MH, BM,
    Heads Up White Lightning, CD-MH,
    Hiwater Rock-Sea, MH, 2000.
    Huntersbest Born to Run, MH-WCI, BF ,
    Hunterbest I'm On Fire, WCI-MH,
    Jobob's Nicoal of Tattle Tail, WC-MH
    JR's Cotton Jenny, WCX-MH, 2000
    Just Plain Amy, WCX-MH, 2000.
    OTCh Kelly's Riley, WCX-MH, 2000.
    Krazycreeks Whistling Dixie MH,
    Labradale Pennywoods Doris, WCX-MH, BF, 2000,
    Laken Heath Dancy MH,
    Magnum Bomber of Ontario, MH. 2000.
    Makaila's Sauda Mesi, CD-WCX-MH
    AFTCh Makaila's Telkwa Teit, CD-WC-MH
    Marty's Radar Warning, MH,
    Mister Rogers, CD-WCX-MH, 2000
    Nilak Cool & Groovy MH, CM,
    FTCh Nilak Surviving Sage, WCX-MH, 2000,
    AFTCh Pilington Classie's Image, MH.
    Ch Pinebank Phantom of the Night, CDX-WCX-MH-RN,2007
    Remi's Northern Breeze, WCX-MH,
    Reporter for Final Edition, WCX-MH, 2000,
    Riverblanche Gitan, MH, 2000.
    Riverblanche Poxy, MH, 1999,
    FTCh, AFTCh Sandpocket Diamond Dune, WC-MH, 2000.
    Southern Pride Kane, CD-WCX-MH,
    Southrock Mystic River Artemis, WCX-MH
    OTCh Squeeky Clean Mud Puppy, WCX-MH, 2000.
    Stoker Makaila Morgan, WCX-MH
    Starwonder's I See Tonight, WCX-MH
    FTCh Strongline's Took For Granite, MH,
    Sweet Molly Malone XXXl, MH,
    Tai-Dek's No Trump MH,
    FT,AFTCh Taylorlabs Magic Trick MH,CD,
    Taylorlab Muddy's Crew, WCX-MH, YM,
    Twigs Dancyn W Attitude, CD-MH-WCX
    Valencia's Kiss Me Kate, WCI-MH, 2000.
    Watersedge Semper-Fi Again WCI-MH, 2010.
    Wham Bam My Private Idaho, MH
    Wimberway's Terra Murphy MH, CM, 2002,
    Wimberway's U-R-Kodiak MH, BLM, 2012.
    Wyckoff's Nightrider MH
    Yorkton's She's Got Pizzazz, MH-WCX, BF, 2006.


    Dogs above with MH and GMH, plus:

  • Attwater Manu Kuri, CD-WCX-SH,
  • Bigsky's Evening Rose SH-WCX,
  • Ch Bigsky's Sunshine Nellie, CDX-WCX-SH, YF, 2000,
  • Black Forest Island River SH, BF,
  • Crunch's Caramel Lady, CD-WCX-SH,
  • Culandubh's Copar SH. 2010
  • HR Ebenezers Evanders Echo SH-WCX-CD, CM, 2002,
  • Glenhaven's A Bit of Cash SH, 2010,
  • Glenhaven's Stella Nu8t Bar, SH. 2010
  • Jerryru's Eclair at Ebenezer SH-WCX-CDX, CF, 2005,
  • Ch Jerryru's Sennaquin Chief WCX-SH, CM,
  • Maximum Power at Yellowrose, WCX-SH, 2007
  • Razor's River City Gem of Torg, SH 2010
  • Riverblanche Duck 2e, CDX-WCX-SH, BF, 2000,
  • River Dancer SH,
  • Sundee's Moonlight Seranade SH
  • Ch Traynor's Hairtrigger Wyatt SH-WCI,
  • Ch Twig's Dancing In My Shadow CD-WCX-SH.
  • Wardroper's Mariah Mare SH-WC.

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