Wimberway's Border Genessee. (Zoe) #@, (May 16/13).
Ch Wimberway's Border Firecracker, *#! (tan/grizzle) Ch Wimberway's Border Cox'n, *#@,(tan/grizzle) Wimberway's Border Oscar *#! (blue/tan) Wimberway's Border Jorge,#, (blue/tan)
Wimberway's Border Diamond, TT, #,
Rosecrest Wimberway Red Pepper, *#,(tan/grizzle) Ch Braemar Rosecrest Bugsy Malone CD, #,
Ch Wimberway's Border QT Holly, #, (tan/grizzle)
Ch Trekhond's Bright and Breezy (red), *#, Ch Standish's Kenny Rogers, *#, (tan/grizzle) Am,Mex,Int Ch Glenbucket Wee Tam
Am Ch Standish's Tequila Sheila,
Ch Trekhond's Above and Beyond Rubicon Repute (Imp)
Ch Conundrum Crystal Creek (Imp), *#,

Ch Wimberway's Border N A Whirl, *#!@, (tan/grizzle)
Ch Ketka Wimberway Badger, *#!,(tan/grizzle) Am Ch Otley's English Gent, *#, Am Ch Brindleoak Sir Galahad.
Otley's Illusion
Ketka's Little Town Flirt Am Ch Otley-Kakara Idle Talk
Am Ch Ketka Sometimes A Lady
Ch Rubicon Remedy (Imp) *#!, (red) Eng Ch Otterkin Blue Bayou Conundrum (blue & tan) Otterkin Kade
Rubicon Renewed
Rubicon Redhead Rubicon Rustler
Lilah's Girl Rubicon

* = hips x-rayed and certified clear of Hip Dysplasia (HD).
# = eyes examined and cleared of congenital eye defcts.
! = elbows x-rayed and certified clear of Elbow Dysplasia, (ED).
@ = heart checked and cleared of congenital defects.

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