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"Golden Retrievers"

Bred and owned by Ivan Paul.

Updated June 20/21, and done regularly as needed.

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  • CONGRATULATIONS to Susan Kindratiuk and Wimberways Golden F'Aer CD, (Clovervalley's Smokestack Lightning x Wimberway's Golden Actress)on completing her AAC Agility Trial Championship in late 2017, earning 6 Q's in one w/e in March/19, and completing her Trick Dog Ch. in 2020. (see page of Recent Winners for more info and pictures.)

  • No puppies available at this time - Current litter is all spoken for and next litter anticipated in late 2021.

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    "We're ready".

    "Madi" (L, by Ch Goldencol's The Beat Goes On WCX,JH,AgI,CDX x Wimberways Golden Taffy) and
    "Riley" (R., by Ch Cardium's Mister Pearlbarry x Wimberways Golden Dust) CD CGC,)
    Owned and loved by the O'Briens, Ottawa, Ont., ready to go boating.


  • The Golden Retriever breed is believed to have descended from a mating in 1868 of a golden Wavy coated Retriever named "Nous", to a similarly coloured Tweed Water Spaniel called "Bell". There were four golden coloured puppies in the resulting litter, bred by the first Lord of Tweedmouth. Using these golden coloured pups only, with linebreeding, and ensuing outcrosses to Flat-coated Retrievers, Irish Setters, and possibly a Bloodhound, a definite type was evolved. Throughout the breedings, colour was essential, and only golden coloured pups were utilized.

  • The Golden Retriever is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the Retriever breeds, with gentle expression, soft eyes, flowing coat, and its golden colour.

  • In size, the Golden Retriever should be: 65-70lbs for males; 55 to 60lbs for bitches, with the dogs standing 22-24" at the shoulder, and the bitches 20-22".

  • The Golden Retriever is a popular choice for a family dog, and they have done well in field trials, working tests, hunting tests, obedience, agility, tracking, and in the conformation (show) ring, and as visiting Therapy Dogs, and service dogs to physically challenged owners.

  • In colour, the Golden can range from a light cream to a dark red, and it is possible to get a variety of shades in the same litter. Most have lighter coloured feathering on their legs, belly, and may be darker on their backs, and ears.

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    "Rosie", (Willy x Bailey, born May 2020), at 5 mos. Owned by S.G. in Toronto, ON.



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