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Canada's two TRIPLE CHAMPIONS, Kenosee Jim Dandy (right) and her daughter, Whistlinwings Kitty MaGree. Bred, owned, trained, and handled by Lori Curran, Alberta.

  • The following lists show the versatility of Labradors in Canada. To be listed, the dog must have earned a minimum of three titles in three different fields of endeavour in Canada.

  • The list is broken down into different title groupings, and each listing will include dogs who meet the minimum of titles in that category.

  • For a listing of abbreviations used in titles, click here: KEY
    Following each dog's name is their colour and sex, and the year they completed the highest title.

  • Some links include more than the combination shown: i.e. the Ch-CD-WCI link also includes the Ch-CD-WCX dogs, and the Ch-CDX-WCX link includes the Ch-CDX-WC and Ch-CDX-WCI lists. When these lists grow enough, they will be separated and given separate links.

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  • Other exciting new sites, under construction, include the Specialty Show winners in Canada, Canada's Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show, and Group winning Labradors. The Sp[ecialty lists are also broken down into regional/provincial club specialty winners.

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