AJTop Wimberway Ben.("Ben", medium yellow, born Aug 2016)
Preliminary hip clearances; heart and eyes clear. EIC,CNM clear by parentage.
FC,AFC Watermark's The Boss, *#!,CE. (By) FC,AFC, Wilderness Harley To Go, *#, (By) FC,AFC, Itch'n To Go,* FC,ATC Air Express*
Stillwater Peggy
FC,AFC Blackgold's Candlewood Kate * NAFC, FC, River Oak's Rascal,*
FC.AFC, Candlewood's Nellie Be Good *
FC,AFC Take'm By Surprise, *#,(B) NFC,NAFC Candlewood's Super Tanker *,
Cabndlewood's Delta Dash*
(sister to Blackgolds Candlewood Kate)
FC,AFC Chena River Surpise * AFC Super Khomeni*
AFC Powder Keg Meg *,

NMH Dandesg Miss Laurel Fiji *#!CE, (dark Y)
FC,AFC, AFTCh Money Talks ll *# (dark Y) FC Running With The Devil, * FC AFC Dare To Dream *#
AFC Winifox Penny from Heaven, CEt FC,AFC Riparian Roughrider *#
QAA Winifox Mollie McStarr, *
2x NMH, 2x GMH Yeller Yellow Bear (Y) FC, FTCh, AFTCh Seasides One Too Many, *! FTCh AFTCh Firwoodhills One For The Road, *#
Ceilidh *
FTCh, AFTCh Moira River Maddy * FC,AFC Watermarks The Boss *!#EC
Draper Lakes Madison

* = hips x-rayed and certified clear of Hip Dysplasia (HD).
# = eyes examined and cleared of congenital eye defcts.
! = elbows x-rayed and certified clear of Elbow Dysplasia, (ED).
@ = heart checked and cleared of congenital defects.
C = checked clear of CNM
E = checked clear of EIC.    Return to Labrador Retriever pages.