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July 29 2017.

Labrador Retrievers


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We have information on each breed under the specific links, but suggest you check the "General" section as well.

    Pictured: Group winning litter mates from our first litter, born Sept 10, 1962.
    (left)Am,Can Ch Wimberway's Wanda CDX, Specialty BOS, and dam of many Champions;
    (centre) Am,Can Ch, OT CH & FTW Wimberway's Wateaki Am CDX. Top Labrador in Canadian shows 1965. and
    (right) their dam, Ch Blyth's Niska CD.(born 1960, daughter and granddaughter of Dual Champions.)

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  • Congratulations to "Matt" (Wimberway's Matthew) born Dec/12, and to "Stony" (Wimberway's Over to Chilbrook), born May/13, on both getting their "Service Dog" designations.
    "Matt" is near Ottawa, Ont., and Stony is in California, USA, area, working as a PTSD support dog.
    Our thanks to the trainers and owners of these two.
    Matt is also doing retriever field work and his owner hopes to compete with him in at least WC tests in 2017.


    • ALL our pups are born and raised in the house, and start going outside at 5-6 weeks of age.

    • ALL CHOCOLATE LITTER BORN APRIL 30 - One male available, ready to go to their new homes.
    • Sire: Wimberway's Perfin James RN, Dam: Wimberway's G'Cheeko RN.
    • Both parent have all clearances, and are good natured, easy going dogs.
      Jimmy is medium sized, while Cheeko is on the smaller side.

      Cheeko pups at 6+ weeks of age.

    • Black and chocolate litter, born July 27. Chocolate females only available.
    • Sire: Wimberway's Perfin James RN. Dam: Ch Wimberway's Otter Do It, WC.
    • Otter is a happy, outgoing bitch who loves to retrieve, and loves the water.
    • She is by Ch, TCh Wimberway's Helzapopin CD WC RE, and out of TCh, UKC Ch Barefoot Kookie Kutter Am TDX.
    • Otter has been started in tracking and is doing JH field work. She is a litter mate to Ollie TDX UTD RA; Yo, TDX,UTD,WC,RI; and Stony, a PTSD service support dog in the USA.

    • Black pups anticipated in October.

    • To avoid disappointment, we recommend early reservations on coming litters, as some litters are fully booked before being born.
      If you are willing to wait for one from us, we ask for a deposit to add your name to our reservations list.
      When we have pups, we contact people in the order that we receive the deposits.

    • Air Canada regulations re shipping, we cannot ship a puppy under 12 weeks of age, or 4 months internationally. Therefore, we try to use Westjet which means shipping out of Toronto.

    • Please check our "General Information" section for information that may answer some of your questions about us and our dogs.


      5 month old "Wimberway's Nightlight Declan" enjoys a training session.
      By Ch Wimberways Redd Foxx CD x Ch Wimberway's Yocie RN WC, "Declan" is owned by Blueberry Hills Labradors, Germany.

    • Started dogs are ones who have been given some puppy retriever training and/or obedience training. They may be house trained/crate trained, and it will vary with each pup, and the time of year, how much training, what type of training, that the individual pup has received. All older pups are also current on shots and worming. Once they are over six months of age, they may also have had preliminary hip x-rays.

    • When we retire a dog from breeding, it may be available to a suitable retirement home. When available, they are usually older (6-8 years old) bitches that have been in our breeding program, have their clearances, are in good health, but now retired and looking for their own family where they will be an only dog, or one of two, in a private home. They are available on condition they be spayed and kept as house dogs.


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      Breed Information:

    • The Labrador Retriever, as a separate and distinct breed, has been recognized for over a hundred and forty years.The first Labrador Retrievers were registered with the English Kennel Club in the 1880's. From the few original dogs that landed in England from Canada's east coast via fishing boats, the breed has developed, through its working ability, into the most popular breed in North America.

    • Those first dogs arriving in England excelled in their working ability, and thrived under the care and management of gamekeepers on many estates throughout England.

    • Originally maintained and bred for their retrieving ability, Labradors will retrieve fur, feather, and scale, and many other objects.
    • They have excelled as Guide Dogs in many countries, as well as being used to detect explosives, illegal game, and drugs for many different enforcement agencies in many countries. Recently, have started to be trained for diabetes, cancer, and epileptic seizure detection, as well as working with Autistic children.

    • Labradors are also found in nearly every capacity, geographic region, and climate. The British Royal family have some keen working Labradors at Balmoral, and HM the Queen's dogs compete in field trials and have earned FT Ch. titles in England, as well as being used to work on the estates.

      Wimberway's Very Duncan, May/08-Feb/16.
      Owned and loved by the Darren McRae family, Toronto, Ont.


    • CONFIDENCE: A registered puppy gives you confidence. You can see the parents and other relatives, so you will have a general idea of what your puppy will grow into in size, type, temperament, and trainability. "Purebred" does not mean registered. The costs for raising any puppy are the same, but with a registered puppy you have the breeder's investment in the puppy, and the generations behind him. You also have a "family tree" and knowledge of clearances and health checks behind your puppy.

      PRIDE: you will have a dog whose lineage is certified and registered with the national (in this case, Canadian) Kennel Club. Registered dogs can compete, and earn official titles, in many events including obedience, field tests, flyball, agility, rally, tracking, and shows, and offspring from them are eligible for registration by the national Kennel Club.Their family tree can be traced back to the late 1800's for Labradors. They are also eligible for registration in other countries.

      WARRANTY: A reputable breeder will ensure the stock being used for breeding is cleared of congenital defects, and will not use any affected dogs in their breeding program. We stand behind our pups, and puppies purchased from us, are covered by a written guarantee.

      EXPERIENCE: Most long term breeders intimately know the dogs behind their current stock and have developed their own breeding program and type. We have been breeding, showing, training, and trialling Labrador Retrievers since 1960.

      EXPERTISE: As a long time breeder, trainer, judge, and exhibitor, we can help our customers by phone or email. We offer training classes in obedience, tracking, rally, and field work for those who live close enough. We compete with our own dogs regularly, and have our book "{Training the Multi Purpose Labrador") available for those who want to have fun with basic training, and want or have to train on their own.

      RESPONSIBILITY: We have been breeding continuously for over 50 years and have many repeat customers. Many pups are sold by word of mouth and by the recommendations of previous owners. Sons and daughters, and grandchildren, of original customers, have pups from us. We also have customers who have had multiple dogs from us over the years.

      REPUTATION: We are not a puppy mill, back-yard breeder, or fly-by night operation. We have been in business for over 50 years and work with breed clubs, breed rescue, and the Veterinary professionals. We continue to learn, work and compete with our own dogs, give and attend training seminars, and have been at the same location for over 30 years.

      WIMBERWAY dogs are behind the breeding stock of many other breeders across Canada, as well as in Europe. To buy a 'Wimberway' Labrador, you have to buy direct from us. A pup sired by one of our breeding, purchased elsewhere, is NOT a Wimberway bred Labrador and does not come with the same guarantee or on-going assistance if required.

    • Wimberway Labradors have been bred with emphasis on temperament, soundness, type, and natural ability since we started. We breed for an all round dog that can fit into any lifestyle and be capable of a wide variety of activities. We now have dogs in the kennel from 10th, 11th and 12th generations of our breeding. Most of our dogs are 'middle of the road' in size and type, but we do have some smaller lines for those who want a dog that can easily travel in a canoe.

    • HIPS: All our breeding stock has been x-rayed and certified clear of Hip Dysplasia sijce we started breeding, including our foundation bitch, born in 1960.
    • EYES: Annual eye examinations by a certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist have been done since 1968. The dogs were last checked in July/16. The dogs have also been Optigen tested and rated clear, and/or are clear by parentage.
    • ELBOWS: Hips and elbows are x-rayed at the same time at two years of age.
    • EIC & CNM: in 2010 we started testing for CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy) and EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), and did younger dogs in 2014 and 2016.
    • Cardiac checks. All our dogs were checked by a cardiologist on July 22/17 and all were clear of heart disease/problems.
    • As of 2012, hip and elbow evaluations are being done by OFA (Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals) in the USA as OVC stopped certifying x-rays. Prior to that, the dogs were certified by OVC (Ontario Veterinary College).

    • We have field trial lines for those who want a higher energy dog for working, hunting, field trials, and working tests, and all round lines combining show, obedience, and working lines for those who want an intelligent family companion, hunting partner, or breeding stock. We breed for a sound, intelligent dog rather than for colour only, but do have dogs and bitches of all three colours.

    • All pups sold are on a CKC no-breeding contract which can be removed after the dog is 24 months of age pending genetic clearances, an official title, and proof that the dog is suitable for breeding. Our pups also carry a 3 year guarantee against congenital defects. Pups sold as pets are sold on the recommendation that they be spayed/neutered.

    • 4 month old "Lucky", (Wimberway's N Lucky Seven TDX,UTD,RNI,WC) By Rocky x Hope, born Jan 14/13,
      has his first tracking lesson with owner, June/13.
      He passed his TD title at 8 mos of age;
      TDX at 16 months of age,and UTD at 28 mos. of age.

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    Pictures and pedigrees of each dog are available by clicking on the highlighted name listed for each dog.

  • Our team of stud dogs include a wide variety of bloodlines, both show and field lines.
    They all have excellent temperaments, strong working desire, and are natural breeders.

  • Incoming bitches must have hip, elbow, and current eye clearances, have good temperament, and be on an open registration certificate. We recommend they also have been tested for EIC and CNM.
    We require that they be CKC registered if born in Canada, and recommend that puppies from these litters be sold on no-breeding contracts..

  • Blacks:

  • Huck bringing in a bird, LRCNWO, Sept/15.

  • CH Wimberway's Huckamuck, WC,RNI. (Huck),
    Born Aug 28/11. Black carrying yellow.
    By CH,TCh Wimberway's Helzapopin CD WC RE CGN, out of Wimberway's Ruckus.
    An active, outgoing dog, he loves to retrieve
    He has been shown and has Championship points, as well as a Best Puppy in Group win when 7 mos of age.
    He has a leg to his JH, and is started in basic obedience.
    A "posed" picture of "Huck" is under Recent Winners.
    He is OFA certified clear for hips, elbows, eyes (Optigen), as well as CNM and EIC clear, has DACVO eye clearances, and DACVIM clear for cardiac problems.
    Pedigree: Huck

  • Wimberway's N Lucky Seven,TDX,UTD,RNI.WC. (Lucky),
    Born Jan 14/13. Black carrying yellow.
    By Ch,TCh Wimberway's Helzapopin CD WC RE, x Ch Wimberway's Vibrance WC,TD,RN.
    In tracking, he passed his TD title at 8 months of age, and also earned two legs towards his RN the same day.
    He earned his TDX in June/14 at 16 mos of age, and completed his RN title the same day.
    He earned his WC in July/14 at Mountain Velley Club's tests.
    He paassed his UTD title on May 29/15, and is working towards his UTDX, and obedience titles.
    He loves to work, is very outgoing.
    Hips and elbows: OFA certified. Eyes DACVO checked clear. Optigen, CNM & EIC clear, and DACVIM clear for cardiac problems.
    Pedigree: Lucky


  • Geneva's Wimberway Jeb,RN, (Jeb),
    Born July 10/07.
    By Woodbend's Lonewind Hawkeye x Geneva's R Moon Dancer.
    He is a dark yellow dog who carries chocolate. He has been shown, has Championship points, has started basic training, and sired several litters.
    He has OVC hip and elbow clearances, DACVO eye clearances, Optigen normal/clear. CNM/EIC clear, and DACVIM clear for cardiac problems
    Picture: Jeb, 2011. Pedigree: Jeb.

  • New Arrival for the future AJTop Wimberway Ben, (Ben), born Aug 10/16.
    Breeder: Alain Jette, AJTop Retrievers, Montreal, PQ..
    Good preliminary hip x-ray and DACVO eye check, clear by parentage for PRA, CNM and EIC, and DACVIM clear for cardiac problems.
    Sire: FC.AFC. Watermarks The Boss. Dam: NMH Dandesg Miss Laurell Fiji (fox red), sired by FC,AFC, AFTCh Money Talk 11 - also a fox red.
    . Ben at 8 weeks, Oct/16.
    Pedigree: Ben



  • Wimberways Perfin James,RN, (Jimmy)
    Born Aug/11.
    By Ch Selamat's Knot On Your Life CD RN, x Wimberway's Chito Bran Muffin.
  • Jimmy is a proven stud, and is started in field and basic obedience work. He has OFA hip and elbow certification, and DACVO eye clearances. He is Optigen, EIC and CNM clear, and DACVIM clear for cardiac problems.
    He is from the last litter we had by "Roper". He carries both show and field trial lines, loves to retrieve, and is medium sized.
    Pedigree: Jimmy

  • Wimberway's Maca I'm Cooper (Cooper)
    Born April/11.
    By Jerryru's Making Waves x Wimberways Rofin Carioca.
  • Cooper is privately owned, lives in a home with children. He has OFA hip and elbow clearances, and DACVO checked clear.
    He is a medium sized, well built dog, with a great temperament.
    Available only by special request.
  • Pedigree: Cooper's pedigree

    Cooper enjoyed a ride in the car.

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  • At any given time we will have pups, seniors, and various ages in between here in the house and kennel. It is often possible to see the parents of a puppy, and some of the grandparents, uncles, or aunts as well.
  • Retired from breeding, Ruckus (Wimberway's Ruckus),.She is available for adoption and is spayed. She gets along with other dogs, but does not like going in a vehicle.

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